Easter egg tokens - set of 25

Easter egg tokens - set of 25

What a fun way to fill the Easter Eggs.  
Your order comes with a total of 15 tokens.  

Morning donuts
Day with mom
Day with dad
Trip to movie
Ice cream night
One toy at the store
Extra 5 minutes screen time
You pick dinner
Get out of a chore
Park day 
Stay up one hour late
Treat after dinner 


Custom Tokens are available. 

Please select how many tokens you would like and then type in what sayings you want.   

Please note you will get the regular token in addition to any custom tokens you select. 


So for example you select 3 custom tokens you are going to get the 25 standard tokens plus 3 custom ones for a total of 28 tokens.  


Thank you again for supporting our small business, we appreciate it.