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Elf Postcard and Santa Cam

Elf Postcard and Santa Cam

Two of our most popular items are now a set!  


Elf Postcard 

Included in this set is your Elf returning postcard!  Works great to welcome back your favorite Elf for the holiday season. 


The Elf card can be customized with your Child/children's names and your Elf name.  We can also include your address.  If you do a blank elf card you can use a sharpie market to add names yourself. 

The Elf postcard is 8.5" x 5" in size. 

Elf is not included.


Santa cam

Here is a fun way to let your little ones know they are under ELF surveillance. 

This Elf cam is a multilayer ornament and has a camera lens on the front. 

Now please understand this camera lens is not real and is for looks only. 

This ornament is 5 inches tall by 3 inches wide. 



    PriceFrom $16.00
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