Mens Deluxe gift box - Customizable

Mens Deluxe gift box - Customizable

Looking for the perfect gift for your special guy?

In this customizable box you will receive the following items:


1 Flask - that you can add your favorite saying too.  Can be engraved or printed

1 Shot glass - let's get hammered 

2 cocktail glasses. You can pick from two different sizes, 11.2 oz or 16.3 oz cups and you can add a name or saying to the cups. 

2 coasters that can be customized with your favorite art, image, or saying.

2 shooters -  you can pick from rum, vodka, or whiskey for the 1st one and the 2nd one is Buttery Nipple - chocolate.

3 Snack Pack items randomly selected


Please email us the picture(s) you want printed on your coasters if that is what you want.