Women's Deluxe Valentines Basket - Customizable

Women's Deluxe Valentines Basket - Customizable

Order your deluxe valentines day box today for your favorite person. 

In this box you will get the following items: 


2 Pairs Earrings - You can select the overall theme and then we will select the actual pair.  


1 mini bottle of wine with 1 stemless wine glass. You can select between red, white or rose wine. Or instead of wine you can get 1 shooter and 1 shot glass and choose if you want rum, vodka, or whiskey.


1 Tumbler - that you can fully customize. We put your favorite saying or Valentine's day theme on it.  


2 Coasters  - that we can customize with your favorite saying or we can even print your favorite photo on them.  


1 Strawberry sunday shooter


3 Snack pack items - randomly selected.