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Mom Pampering Jar & Tokens

Mom Pampering Jar & Tokens

We all know moms are amazing and sometimes they need something special. 

This is our Mama needs a....... jar 

This jar will come with 24 tiles that are sure to give the mom a much-needed break.  


When mom needs something special, she pulls a tile out, which is what she gets, or it could be something that the children, spouse, or significant other needs to complete.  


Jars are about 4" tall. 


The tiles are roughly 1" in diameter, and the back is not painted or engraved. 

Please note the pink jars are in limited inventory. If we don't have pink jars in stock, we will use a clear jar to fill your order. 


    $14.00 Regular Price
    $12.60Sale Price
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